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    Complied  with  the  standard TIA-568C.3-2008  and YD/T1272.5-2009, it was widely used in the pre-terminated system of the IDC and blocks. This system applies to the 10G Ethernet transmissions and it is also available to the updated system for 40G/100G in the future. MPO trunk cable helps to fast installation for Data Center and other Fiber Optic environment. Its efficient plug and play structure which can significantly lower the installation and daily maintenance costs surpasses MDA, HDA and EDA regional module cassette or fan-out fiber connections. The high quality fiber optic cable and MPO accessories makes up the Linkbasic MPO Trunk cable and provides lower insertion loss and higher return loss so that it fully complied to the high speed network system.

  • Ready equipped MPO connectors and technical tensile and resilient design 
    for 400N and 100N/CM
  • Special test for all the ports of the trunk cable makes higher reliability
  • Low loss MPO connectors on both two sides
  • Easily updated to the next generation for 40G and 100G
  • 12 to 144 cores, OM3,OM4 and OS2 fiber optic cable, length in meters. 
    Outside coatings can be OFNR, OFNP and LSZH, etc.
  • Polarity A,B or C
  • Circle, small outside diameter structure for easily preservation and cable laying.
  • Faster equip
  • Trunk cabling
  • Pre-terminated module or MPO adapters connected
  • Protective sleeves for water proofing, dust prevention, resilient and tensile resistance
  • -20 C~+75 C
  • OFNR can pass through UL-1666 flaming test. OFNR can get through UL-
    910 flaming test, LSZH meets IEC60332-1 and IEC60332-3 standard
  • MPO connectors color. multi mode standard loss: beige   multi mode low 
    loss : aqua    single mode standard loss: green      single mode low loss: 



Part number OM3 50/125um(850/1300nm)     OM4 50/125um(850/1300nm) OS2 9/125um(1310/1550um)
MAX Attenuation (dB/KM) 2.5 / 0.7 2.5 / 0.7 0.36/ 0.22
MIN  EMB  bandwidth(  MHz.KM) 2000/- 4700/- /
A t t e n u a t i o n   v a r i a t i o n , 7 . 5 m m 
radius,250um coated fiber,850nm
< 0.2dB < 0.2dB /
A t t e n u a t i o n   v a r i a t i o n , 7 . 5 m m 
radius,250umcoated fiber,1550nm
/ / < 0.2dB



Connector performance Insertion loss(average) Insertion loss (max) Return loss
MPO low loss(Multimode) 0.10dB 0.30dB N/A
MPO standard loss(Multimode) 0.20dB 0.50dB N/A
MPO low loss(single mode) 0.10dB 0.35dB >60dB
MPO standard loss(single mode) 0.20dB 0.75dB >60dB



cores OD(mm) MIN bending radius(dynamic)mm MIN bending radius(static)mm MAX install tension Short term resilience
12 4.5 45 22 450 100
24 8 80 40 600 100
48 / 80 40 600 100
72 / 100 50 600 100
96 / 100 50 600 100
114 / 100 50 600 100


Part Number Description Package
FAM66-12-OM3-* 12cores Multi mode  MPO-MPO trunk cable 1PCS
FAM66-12-OM4-* 12cores Multi mode  MPO-MPO trunk cable 1PCS
FAS66-12-OS2-* 12cores Single mode MPO-MPO trunk cable 1PCS
FAM66-24-OM3-* 24cores Multi mode  MPO-MPO trunk cable 1PCS
FAM66-24-OM4-* 24cores Multi mode  MPO-MPO trunk cable 1PCS
FAS66-24-OS2-* 24cores Single mode MPO-MPO trunk cable 1PCS