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Tianjin Surveying and Mapping Institute Data Center

Tianjin Surveying and mapping institute is affiliated to the Tianjin Planning Bureau , which is a public institution professional in fundamental surveying and mapping、surveying engineering and geographic information service.

For completely improve the management level and working efficiency of Institute , this project upgrading and rebuilding the DATA center equipment room ,improved the basic environment of the equipment room , also improved the network performance, strengthen the security guard, upgrade the DATA storage level .

Build a unblocked in-house network ,to achieve information-based communicate inside and outside the Institute, then can distribution the application requirement which operate in the DATA center according to the need , and can flexible extend, to meet the needs of application rapid deployment and continuous efficient operation.

This project have 11000 information point , use Linkbasic Cat6 unshielded system.

All the cabinets use Linkbasic NCF series network server cabinet , NCF series cabinet from Linkbasic can bore M9.0 earthquake and the max static loading capability up to 1600 KGS.

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