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Sichuan industry experts visit Linkbasic to inspection and guidance

On May 12th, more than 20 industry experts from Sichuan visted the headquarters of Linkbasic. Accompanied by leaders of Linkbasic, they visted the exhibition hall.

During the visiting to the exhibition hall, Shen Chunhui, technical manager of Linkbasic, made a detailed analysis of the integrated cabinet system and micro-module system of the new generation of Linkbasic data center.

Next, Mr.Shen led the industry experts to the core components exhibition area of the data center to introduce each core component and product characteristics one by one.

Then went to the Linkbasic integrated cabling exhibition area, Mr.Shen introduced Linkbasic CAT8 information system and MPO pre-terminal cable system solutions.

In the meeting room, Mr. Sun, the head of Linkbasic, introduced the development history of Linkbasic and the situation of the company to the experts, and exchanged the solutions of the data center and application situation of the industry.

After the meeting, the experts came to the Linkbasic cable workshop,visitedand inspected Linkbasic industry leading cable laboratory.

During the visit to the cable laboratory, the technicians did the product experiment to the experts, and demonstrated the excellent product performance and strict quality control ability of Linkbasic, which was highly praised by the experts.

Linkbasic leaders and industry experts took a group photo in the headquarters of Linkbasic.



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