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LINKBASIC provides government of Shanxi province with safe, reliable and efficient integrated wiring infrastructure solutions


Project Background:

The project of government offices administration of Shanxi Province is located in the north campus of the former vocational college of architecture, Taiyuan city, Shanxi Province. It is adjacent to west Wucheng street in the north, Xuefu street in the south, middle Wucheng road in the west, and Wucheng road in the east. The total construction area is 100,000 square meters. It is the important agency unit belong to the state, and with high requirements of work confidentiality, in order to make the products’ stable performance can reach the effect of stable transmission, at the same time in order to make the whole project to achieve the effect of safe, reliable and assured, beyond 250 MHZ broadband transmission frequency, with cross  center segregation skeleton, which can effectively prevent performance reduction from lay change of wring ; Guarantees the products’ performance to achieve the outstanding balance and crosstalk attenuation characteristics. In the process of preliminary communication with the owner, they hope to build a high quality infrastructure with high performance throughout the office bureau, so that both can experience the advantages brought by the new technology  immediately and can avoid costly wiring upgrade. At the same time, LINKBASIC integrated wiring system improves the network performance, strengthens the security protection, and upgrades the data storage level, realizing the information communication and exchange, flexible expansion, to meet the needs of rapid deployment of future business applications and efficient operation with continuous.

After a preliminary investigate major suppliers of domestic and overseas integrated wiring products, and made th multi - party communication and the field investigation. After comprehensive consideration of the solutions of various manufacturers, the six types of unshielded system solutions (CAT6 SYSTEM PRODUCTS) of LINKBASIC stand out as the final choice of Shanxi government offices administration. The whole project adopts LINKBASIC copper wiring to connect the working area horizontally, and LINKBASIC’s  multi mode optical cable is used in the network backbone. The whole project has a total of 10,000 information points.

In the project system implementation process of government offices administration of Shanxi Province, the LINKBASIC information technology co., LTD, from the project early plan design, consultation has reflected the high standard, strict requirements of the professional style, serious and responsible attitude to customers. The preliminary inspection and acceptance of the project are all qualified at one time and all the parameters are superior to the relevant industry standards. After the completion of the system, from the situation of using, the performance of the entire system fully meet the expected requirements which has a stable and reliable performance, and verify that the LINKBASIC’s six types of unshielded system solutions (CAT6 SYSTEM PRODUCTS) is able to withstand the test and it is a high quality integrated wiring brand products. In the future projects, LINKBASIC will continue to use high-quality products and services to provide complete end-to-end system product solutions.


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