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LINKBASIC featured products : High density modular fiber optic patch panel

In cloud data center project, more and more the requirements towards high density and modular, in order to better adapt to the future development trend , LINKBASIC  developed a high density pre-terminated optical fiber patch panel which can meet the market demand and adopts the high-density modular design of 1 U 96 core LC interface.

The product adopts modular structure design, which makes easy for installation . The high-density layout greatly saves the space of the cabinet, improves the use ratio of cabinet, and creates value for data center construction.

A patch panel can install 8 modules, each group 12 core interfaces, 96 interfaces in total, so that the space of 1U can reach a leading level of 96 core and flexible configuration.The end of each module is equipped with a dust-proof box to achieve a humanized design of dust-proof and damage prevention, assuring no dust enters before construction and guarding against possible damage.

The design of this product is unique and modern, a combination of modular and high density , the unique front and back two-way disassembly and far ahead of competitors’ products.



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