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LINKBASIC data center cable tray solution

It has been into the era of big data nowadays, information construction has become an important content of the development of enterprises, especially among users with large information demand like government organs, financial industry, large enterprises ,it is more high requirement to the storage and integration of data ,computer technology and network technology .

Now there is a growing hunger for big data in people's lives, in order to shore up the application of big data , need a lot of network computer room, and cloud computing data center, a large number of optical fiber channel, and cabling rack and tray,which is more and more popular in the application of center data.

Fiber channel

According to requirements of high standard data center construction, Linkbasic develops a very practical product, which is also a set of products that can fully protect fiber and easy to operate , less construction time, flexible channel path configuration, to achieve fast, flexible, comprehensive protection to optical fiber.

Features of Linkbasic product:

(1) Use full circle arc design , and the transition Angle between the fiber outlet and all kinds of three-way and four-way is greater than or equal to 40mm, ensuring the bending of the fiber;

(2) The curvature radius R is greater than or equal to 40mm;

(3) It is processed by flame retardant plastic, and the surface is sprayed ,beautiful and neat appearance;

(4) The fiber outlet is the flame retardant material, and the installation position is flexible, which can meet the needs of the fiber in various places;

(5) large and medium size can be selected;

(6) three-way and four-way provide the branch interface of different directions fiber cabling;

(7) Fiber channel can be installed separately or fixed on the cabling rack;

(8) Combustion performance of all plastic parts in the channel: the combustion performance level reaches GB/T20481996~ fv-0 .


Aluminum alloy cabling tray

The aluminum alloy cabling tray is mainly used for the laying of various cables in the communication IT room, the network computer room, the data IT room, the cloud computer room and the communication base station. Linkbasic’s aluminium alloy cabling tray has the features of beautiful appearance, high strength, simple installation and convenient cabling .

Features of Linkbasic product:

(1) The width of aluminum alloy cabling tray can be adjusted freely, or it can be installed into single layer, double layer, multi-layer, vertical cabling, horizontal cabling and arbitrary combination.

(2) Good load- bearing security, and the aluminum alloy cabling rack is more than 300kg load per meter.

(3) The shelf space between the aluminum alloy cabling tray can be adjusted as needed, generally 250~400mm;The hanging interval is 1.2m~2;

(4) The aluminum alloy cabling can be assembled at the site, and convenient splicing and it is usually transported in bulk and easier transport.


Grid bridge

It is a kind of bridge product which is commonly used for cabling, open, net format and metal. Linkbasic is currently providing products of surface electrogalvanizing carbon steel and 304 stainless steel .

(5) The aluminum alloy cabling tray can be mounted on the ceiling, on the ground or on the top of cabinet, and it can be also installed following the wall line, it also can be used as a ladder.

Features of Linkbasic product:

(1) The grid cable bridge has the features of convenient installation, beautiful appearance, good fire resistance, good grounding, quick,flexible installation, and low labor cost.

(2) Light weight, 30% to 60% lighter than traditional bridge;

(3) 90% open space;High mechanical strength and convenient shear;

(4) It is suitable for any style , which you can manage it freely;

(5) It can design accessories for the data cable;

(6) With a convincing bearing capacity;

(7) save space and time for customers, saving 1/3 installation time comparing traditional bridge;

(8) unique bending method, quick and beautiful;

(9) keep the bridge safe for 90 minutes at a temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius and keep bridge safe.

In short, the data center hosts important and sensitive data that are related to the core business, so the infrastructure that carries data transmission is more important in the overall data center.

Linkbasic data center bridge solution has improved the visibility and security of the cables, easy to identify, truly achieves 100% management and control cable system, in the event of failure, it can also be found immediately , and ruled out timely. At the same time, the integrated cabling system of data center often encounters problems such as movement, addition and change, and the characteristics of open structure and flexibility can bring great convenience to users.

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