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LINKBASIC assists Zhejiang International Race Circuit Project

Zhejiang international Race Circuit is located in Shaoxing Keyan Scenic area, Zhejiang province, which is the world's leading racing destination, committed to become the new coordinates for the future Chinese car culture, bring a submerged car life experience to  every driver and car enthusiasts.

Zhejiang International Race Circuit is authenticated as a secondary circuit by the FIA , triumphed by international famous circuit design company Apex, using the world's leading intelligent system, strive for the highest efficiency of the track management and security. At 3.20 km , and it can be divided into two independent tracks,east and west .

Circuit with a unique design of counterclockwise, has 16 speed and different radius corner design (including 7 right curve and 9 left curve), the track rises and falls with the mountain, elevation difference between the lowest and highest point up to 22 m, which can fully show the various properties of the vehicle when turning and accelerating.

The integrated cabling of Zhejiang International Race Circuit is made up of LINKBASIC CAT6 unshielded cabling system, and LINKBASIC will assist the sports events held by Zhejiang International Race Circuit.


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