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LINKBASIC CAT6A shielded modular plug

Now the development of the IOT technology, a lot of devices are networked.A significant proportion of these devices, such as industrial controls, LED smart lighting, security cameras, building automation controls and WI-FI access points, all have an integrated RJ45 port for networking.

Modular plug terminal link (MPTL) is standardized and regulated in TIA568.2-D-2018. MPTL is essentially a permanent link, with an on-site RJ45 plug at one end and a patch panel at the other, thus replacing the typical permanent link between sockets.

Modular plug terminal links (MPTL) will be an important part of the integrated wiring infrastructure, allowing quick and easy access to web camera, WI-FI access points, smart lighting, and other network devices. As a result, LINKBASIC has designed and developed a new generation of MPTL plugs for various networking devices in buildings.

LINKBASIC CAT6A shielded modular plug installation flexible, direct manual threading, just make the pin assignment correct and no pressure connection tools, convenient and fast.

LINKBASIC has always been concerned about the development of integrated cabling industry, timely according to customer needs to provide the most appropriate network solutions.



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