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The project of HEBEI INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY,BFSU is located in Shijing village, Shijing township, Luquan district, Shijiazhuang city. It reaches Shijing road in the east, the fourth provincial hospital project in the west, Shanqian avenue in the south and Shijing village in the north. In the south of the project, across the Shanqian avenue is Rongsheng smart city square; in the west, across the Shanqian avenue is north Xuechuang village; in the north, Shijing village; and in the east is farmland. The total investment of the project is 130 million yuan.

There are 8000 information points in the whole project. After effectively communication with the owner, and in view of the school has a high starting point, the late expansion and upgrading requirements of high characteristics, LINKBASIC’s CAT 6 unshielded systems are selected. The test data of LINKBASIC's CAT 6 unshielded systems fully meet the requirements of the CAT 6 standards in the 250MHz range, with high noise resistance, which fully ensures the system has the advantages of high bandwidth, large data volume, long transmission distance and strong anti-interference ability, reduces the comprehensive construction cost of gigabit Ethernet, and provides a reliable guarantee for the system operation. LINKBASIC’s CAT 6 cabling system is an end-to-end complete system solution, the system components can achieve the best performance matching, suitable for the first time planning to install cabling system users or cabling transformation users, as well as users with high network speed requirements.

Till now, optical fiber and six cabling systems will provide assurance for high-speed data communication in schools, and the safety and reliability of the system will be greatly improved by redundancy and fault-tolerant design. LINKBASIC comprehensive cabling infrastructure solution provides HEBEI INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY,BFSU with an advanced, open, reliable and high-speed information physics platform, and at the same time provides a solid foundation for the smooth network of the school, which will meet the requirements of school teaching and other aspects.


Released date:[03-19-2020] source:[市场部]