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30 thousand information points --- Linkbasic products are applied to Tangshan central hospital project

Tangshan city central hospital is a joint construction by Tangshan government and CITICPE, it is built according to the third-grade class-A comprehensive hospital and regional medical center planning standard , and  it is also a large hospital of medical treatment, scientific research, teaching, rehabilitation, prevention, health care and community health services.

The hospital covers an area of 210.42 mu , of which 323 thousand square meters building area .The hospital sets up the outpatient and emergency rooms, 31 clinical departments , 15 medical technical departments .With a capacity of 4,000 to 8,000 everyday, 2,000 authorized beds and 1,800 beds for first phase , and 60,000 to 90,000 patients are admitted to the hospital each year.It is the true modern integrative medical center in Tangshan.


There are 30 thousand network information points in Tangshan central hospital engineering project , and the integrated cabling system adopts the LINKBASIC CAT 6 UTP information system. The network cable is made by Linkbasic low smoke halogen-free environmental protection material.



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